Guide To Choosing your Korean Mattress

Guide To Choosing your Korean Mattress

Living in Korea is a dream come true. Not only can you enjoy beautiful scenery, but you'll also find that most Koreans have lovely personalities. Therefore, it should be no surprise that many individuals desire to make the area their permanent home. However, the korean mattress you will sleep on is something you should consider seriously if you plan on making Korea your permanent home. If you're used to resting on a plush mattress, you might be disappointed by the mattresses in Korea.

Korean Mattresses: Two Varieties

Yo Mattress

When Koreans go to bed, they spread out a big, dense blanket that serves as their mattress. The Yo Mattress is robust and thick because, unlike traditional mattresses, it is meant to be used on the floor. After that, a thinner, plusher mattress acts as a covering above your Yo Mattress. Quite contrary to the fluffy, soft, and laid bed you are now utilizing. The standard Yo mattress is used just at night, being folded up throughout the day. It frees up a tonne of the room during the day for anything from work to hanging out with friends.

Hard Mattress

The name "rock bed" comes from the fact that these mattresses are typically set atop a bed composed of hardwood or rocks. Soft mattresses are not permitted on top of or to cover hard mattresses. Beds with such a high degree of firmness develop in Korea since the population uses them regularly. Though not ideal, most modern hard mattresses also have a built-in heating pad, which is especially welcome in the colder months.

Mattress Dimensions in Korea and the United States

Mattresses range widely in softness, but that's not the only way they diverge. It's also worth noting that their sizes differ significantly. There is much more variety in American mattresses than in Korean ones. Additionally, several sizes of Korean beds are only sometimes sold in the United States.

Suggestions Where to Buy a Korean Mattress?

Ikea Korea

At both the Goyang and Gwangmyeong locations of Korean IKEA, customers may choose from various sizes of beds and mattresses. Delivery is another service they provide; you can learn more about that here.


In addition to a selection of Korean mattresses, Emart has luxurious cotton sheet toppers of the highest quality. If you reside within a 10-kilometer radius of an Emart, the mattress will be delivered to your home at no cost.


There are a plethora of Homeplus outlets all around Korea, and the company's readily available mattresses come in a wide range of styles. And much like Emart, if you reside within a 10-kilometer radius of their store, delivery is free.

Lotte Department Store

It's simple to find a Homeplus or a Lotte Department Store everywhere in Korea, and both have a wide selection of Korean mattresses. Those who purchase a mattress online and reside within a 10-kilometer radius of the store will receive free delivery. You may also shop at online businesses like G Market and 11 Street if you prefer to avoid shopping in person.

11 Street

At 11 Street, you may find a wide selection of mattresses, mattress pads, mattress covers, and bed blankets. Yo mattresses are also available in a wide selection. An advantage of 11 Street is its international shipping options.