Pros and Cons Of Electric Hand Truck

Pros and Cons Of Electric Hand Truck

Whether you're working in a warehouse or moving heavy furniture, an electric hand truck can help you get things done more quickly and easily. Electric hand trucks are especially useful because they can be used anywhere without being tethered to an outlet. In this article, we'll talk about the pros and cons of using electric hand trucks so that you can decide whether they're right for your next project.

Pro #1: Electric Hand Truck is Faster

Electric hand trucks are faster than manual hand trucks.

Manual hand trucks are slower, so electric hand trucks are better for short distances.

However, manual hand trucks are better for long distances.

Pro #2: Electric Hand Truck is Efficient

There are many advantages to using an electric hand truck, but one of the biggest ones is that it's efficient. It doesn't waste time or money.

With gas and oil, you have to worry about finding a place to fill up and paying for the fuel. You also need to worry about the environment and how much carbon dioxide can add up in your life. With electricity, there's no such burden on your shoulders!

Pro #3: Electric Hand Truck is Safer

The most obvious benefit of an electric hand truck is that you don't have to deal with heavy lifting or strain on your back and shoulders. You'll be able to move loads up to 200 pounds without any risk of injury or dropping the load. This is especially helpful if you're moving heavy items, like furniture, food products, and other items that could easily injure someone if they were dropped on them.

Electric hand trucks are also safer than traditional hand trucks because they don't require as much effort from the user. Without having to push or pull a loaded cart manually, there's less strain on your body and joints when using one of these devices compared with pushing along something like a dolly full of boxes in order to transport them from one place at work or home into another location nearby where they need moving help too!

Con #1: Battery Runs Out

The battery runs out, and you're left with a useless truck. Recharging is no fun either: it can take a whole day to recharge the battery.

  • Con #1: Battery Runs Out

How long does it take for the battery to run out? That depends on how much work you do with it and how heavy those loads are. If you're doing some light hauling around the office building or warehouse, then maybe half an hour or so of use will be enough before needing to recharge again. If your job involves heavier loads such as moving furniture from a second floor apartment down stairs into a truck bed (or pushing large pallets that have been loaded onto boats/trucks), then expect batteries to last only 15 minutes or less before requiring recharge time! Also note that if there's nowhere nearby where there's enough electricity available for recharging purposes—say if you're working in an underground tunnel system without any outlets nearby—then even more restrictions will be placed upon what kinds of tasks can be accomplished during any given shift."

Con #2: Less Flexibility

To be clear, electric hand trucks aren't as flexible (or efficient) as gas-powered ones. Electric hand trucks can't climb inclines or hills, for instance, and they're limited by their battery life—which often requires recharging between uses. The lack of power also means that you won't be able to push an electric hand truck beyond its recommended load capacity.

It's possible that your needs fall somewhere in between these three categories; if this is the case, then a hybrid model might work best for you. Hybrid models offer some advantages over traditional gas-powered models while not sacrificing the benefits offered by an electric one (ease of use).

Con #3: Not Always Best for Long Distances

Electric hand trucks are great for moving around small items, but if you need to transport heavy loads, it’s not the best option.

This is because electric hand trucks can only go so far before their battery needs recharging again. If your business requires transporting large amounts of product, an electric forklift would be a better option than an electric hand truck.

Electric hand trucks can make your life easier.

Electric hand trucks are convenient, fast and efficient. They require no physical effort to push them around, saving you time and energy. No more huffing and puffing as you try to move heavy items from one place to another!

This type of truck also allows you to safely move heavier loads than manual ones do. This means that it's perfect for moving furniture in your home or office - no more lifting heavy objects by yourself!


Electric hand trucks can make your life easier. They're great for people who need to move things around a lot, and they're especially helpful if you're short on time or energy. If you want to get one for yourself, read our guide above so that you know what types of models exist on the market today.